Sketchbook Sunday: 18th June 2023

Hello and Happy Sunday to you all! Over here in the UK it’s Father’s Day today so I’ve been spending the morning with my family and now I’m back home in my studio to bring you this week’s Sketchbook Sunday.

What is Sketchbook Sunday?

My aim is to bring you an inside look into my sketchbook each Sunday, feature a random page and talk about what the page is about, how I created it, whether it was inspired by anything, or anything else that might be relevant to that particular page.

Today's Sketchbook Page: Practice Grid

This page was a page I created for my latest Skillshare class on gaining confidence using ink fineliners. The purpose of this particular exercise is to break your page up into a grid and then fill in each square of the grid using a different technique. The class covers all sorts of mark making techniques, including scribbling, hatching, cross hatching, doodling, stippling and line making. I had great fun creating this page and I’ve been told by my students that it’s one of their favourite lessons from that particular class.

What did I use?

This sketchbook is an A5 Seawhite Sketchbook, which I likely got from Hobbycraft. If you’re not familiar, Hobbycraft often carries a huge range of art materials, even though it’s often though of as just a craft store. Regarding pens, my go to fineliner pens at the moment are Micron Sakura Pigma pens and Staedtler pigment liners. I work in sizes ranging from 0.05 to 1.2mm.

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Hattie Linton

My passion for art and creating started as a kid and it's continued well into my adult life.

I look for creativity, art and beauty all over, including in the games I play, the films I watch and the music I listen to.

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