My favourite pieces in the 2023 RA Summer Exhibition

Poem in the dark about sadness. Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

I recently went to see the 2023 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in Piccadilly. These are my favourite pieces, in no particular order, from this year’s exhibition. 

About the Summer Exhibition

The Summer Exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts is one of my personal highlights of the London art calendar. Each year tens of thousands of artsts – including yours truly – enter in the hopes of getting a coveted spot on the walls. 

The exhibition has been running since 1769 and each year it has a different curator who chooses the theme for their selections. This year, the curator is renowned painter David Remfry and the theme he chose was “Only Connect”. 

The exhibition runs until August 20th 2023 and you can get your tickets here

My favourite pieces

This year there were over 1600 pieces on display the exhibition. A huge congratulations to every artist who made the walls. This is just a handful of my favourite pieces from this year and I wasn’t able to get photos of every piece I loved. 

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